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UK Business Growing

Business activity rose across all regions in England according to the latest Regional PMI survey by Lloyds Bank. There was also an increase in employment in September across both England and Wales.  We are no doubt in unchartered waters across the UK business wise, as the recent EU referendum leaves us in a position of going into the unknown. But despite the current weak …

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Small Businesses Showing Resilience

We all know how tough it is for a small business to survive, especially those first few months.  But new research has shown that UK start ups are demonstrating the best survival rates since 2015. Between December 2014 and June 2015, the number of companies closing their doors was lower than the previous six months, according to Barclays and BGF Entrepreneurs Index.  This is …

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Small Businesses at Forefront of the UK Economy

A report by npower Business and Capital Economics has found that small to medium sized businesses employ over 16.8 million people in the UK. This workforce contributes directly to the UK economy which is expected to grow 2% in the next five years, despite expert predictions of a bleak financial forecast relating to the vote for the UK to leave the EU. More good …

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Investors Backing UK Business

It’s been an interesting year, so far. Brexit, the falling pound, fluctuating markets. Events that spell bad news for the UK economy? Right? Not necessarily. A study by IW Capital and Crowdfinders have found that there is considerable investor confidence in small and medium sized UK businesses. A resounding 52 per cent of private investors surveyed said they would continue to support small to …

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Mine’s a Latte

Whether it’s catching up with friends, or an important business meeting, more often than not, many of us do this over a cup of coffee; and with coffee shops on almost every high street, many are doing a roaring trade. According to a survey by the Caffe’ Culture Show three quarters of independent coffee shops saw a like for like turnover increase in 2015 …

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Excellent Customer Service Is Part Of The Package At S...

We love to rave about our success stories here at Sovereign and at the heart of that success are our people. Sovereign Business Transfer takes customer service to the next level and all of our clients, both sellers and purchasers experience a first class service when they use us. Take a look at this excellent testimonial from a purchaser of a cafe in Manchester …

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Manchester – The Northern Powerhouse

“It’s grim up North”, or so the saying goes. But maybe that saying is now as old fashioned as whippets and flat caps. In the North business is booming, especially in Manchester. According to research by demand for office space has recently risen by 29 per cent in Manchester, compared to a mere 21 per cent in the nation’s capital. So if you …

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SOLD Stunning Tea Room In Staffordshire

Sovereign Business Transfer are happy to announce the successful completion of The Tudor House Tea Rooms located in the Cheadle area of Stoke On Trent.  The popular business is housed in a beautiful setting and, as the name suggests, a stunning traditional Tudor building. Following a phenomenal amount of interest an offer was accepted on the Tea Rooms less than 7 months from instruction. Our clients …

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The Digital Revolution

Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Smartphones, the internet social media is taking businesses in new and exciting directions. But are UK businesses doing enough to stay on the crest of this wave? The answer on the surface is that the UK has embraced these new technologies and they are making companies work faster and more efficiently. But how do …

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Is Your Business Protected From Data Theft?

“Am I doing enough to protect my business from data theft?” It’s a question that might always be on your mind but it shouldn’t be keeping you awake at night. The threat of hacking, data theft and even business identity theft  is always going to be around but what are the most crucial steps to ensuring that your company isn’t brought down by scammers?  …

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