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Class of 92

Mar 21, 2017
They won titles and became Premier league legends, and now they are conquering the business world. I am of course talking about the members of the FA cup youth team that included Gary Neville, his bro ...
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A Nation of Entrepreneurs

Mar 08, 2017
Britain is an island race with a strong entrepreneurial streak. From George Stephenson who gave us the railways which changed the face of Victorian society, to modern day innovators like Richard Brans ...
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Northern Powerhouse Admired Stateside

Feb 17, 2017
Theresa May’s first visit to meet Donald Trump could mean big things for the Northern Powerhouse. A special trade relationship between the US and the UK could give the northern England economy a massi ...
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To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Feb 07, 2017
To Tweet or not to Tweet? Many people say the north is friendly than the south. In the north you can strike up a conversation anywhere, the bus stop for example. But if you tried the same thing on the ...
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Manchester makes Europe’s top twenty for Dig...

Jan 23, 2017
The writer Maurice Proctor once proclaimed in his Manchester set novel ‘Hell Is a City.’ Foreboding soot covered streets, shady characters lurking in the darkness. But time, if it does nothing else, c ...
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Small Shops to Get Christmas Boost

Dec 23, 2016
Small shops and businesses are set to get a serious cash injection as shoppers look to spend an extra £7.5 billion in small businesses rather than in the bigger retailers according to a study by AXA. ...
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Technology Investment to Boost Manchester Bu...

Dec 06, 2016
Manchester’s aim to become the centre of the Northern Powerhouse concept has been dealt a large boost with a group of high level entrepreneurs in the city getting together to form the Manchester Tech ...
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Record High Number of UK Businesses

Nov 28, 2016
The number of businesses in the UK has hit a record high with 5.5 million businesses currently operating in the UK according to official statistics released by the Department for Business, Energy and ...
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Living the Dream

Nov 08, 2016
Seek and thou shalt find; famous words first written a long time ago. But it seems they are still relevant today because according to new research by St James’ Place Academy seventy five per cent of B ...
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UK Business Growing

Oct 26, 2016
Business activity rose across all regions in England according to the latest Regional PMI survey by Lloyds Bank. There was also an increase in employment in September across both England and Wales.  W ...
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