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Selling a Business Through Sovereign: The Process

Posted by Trinder on March 27, 2023

You have decided now is the optimum time to sell your business. But where do you start? Let me take you through the process with Sovereign Business Transfer.

The first step is having an informal no obligation meeting with our Managing Director Matthew Trinder. This is a chance to discuss your aims and goals in relation to putting your business on the market, and to get that all important valuation so you both know what you are trying to achieve when you sell your business.

If you decide to take that all important step and move forward with Sovereign the next step is finalising the paperwork so Sovereign can now commit themselves to adding your business to their portfolio.

Now you are ready to discuss the marketing package you want to undertake. Sovereign offers innovative and bespoke marketing packages for all their valued clients. This can include aerial drone footage of your business, video tours and a social media presence to name but a few options.

It is then up to the expert team to source potential interested parties and arrange for them to view your business. This is done using online advertising including Sovereign’s own website, utilising industry contacts from our extensive database and going that extra mile to really emphasise the quality and potential that any would be purchaser would gain from acquiring your business.

Once you have an interested party and they are willing to make an offer that meets the valuation of your business the solicitors representing both parties will be managed by a dedicated Sovereign Account Manager. There to help guide you through what can be a complicated process. They will be there to advise and facilitate through to completion of the sale.

And that’s it. Another business sold, leaving you to retire, semi retire or simply focus on other business interests because at Sovereign we always put the client first.

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