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Selling Businesses: The Future

Technology is slowly but surely infiltrating every aspect of our lives. The smart phone and tablet are gradually changing the way we think, feel and of course the way we do business. The development of Artificial Intelligence is already being researched by many of the leading technology companies. This research could change everything from automation to collaborative systems in the future. But will this …

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New Year: New Business

As the holiday season recedes into the past, and a new year comes to pass, what will you do with it? Take up jogging? Lose weight? Cut down on alcohol? Or will you focus on fulfilling your entrepreneurial ambitions? With a New Year fresh as untouched snow now upon us, maybe, just maybe now is the time to take the first step in owning …

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Northern Powerhouses

Most cities have at least one football team; there are even ones with quite a number. But at this moment in time Manchester has not one but two that are flying high in the premier league and doing it in quite a style. But whatever team in this vibrant metropolis you nail your flag to, one thing is clear, having two premier league powerhouses …

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We’re Recruiting

Business Administrator – Full & Part Time Positions Available Excellent opportunity to join Greater Manchester’s fastest growing Business Transfer agency. Due to our recent expansion we are looking for a very enthusiastic and hard working individual to join us in an administration role. The nature of the role is to support our Sales Team. You will work within a friendly team ensuring all our …

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Sold Sold Sold Bargain Booze Northwich

Sovereign Business Transfer is delighted to announce the successful business and property sale of Bargain Booze in Northwich, Cheshire. Our client Mr & Mrs Lewis instructed Sovereign Business Transfer to list their business for sale due to our professionalism and business sales experience, as they wished to retire. Due to its attractive selling points coupled with our extensive marketing strategy and dudiligence a financially …

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How Do You Sell Your Business?

Selling a business can be very complex and stressful. Therefore it is vital for you to have as much support as possible. Sovereign Business Transfer is the UK’s fastest growing business broker. We specialise in selling businesses for their maximum value whilst minimizing your stress. We sell businesses confidentially, quickly and for the highest price. When you sell your business you may think certain …

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The Power of Social Media

We are all in an increasing digital age. An age where information is used and experienced like never before, social media has changed the way we not only access this information but how we filter and take on board current affairs and news, and of course the way we do business. From Twitter to LinkedIn to Facebook, these online platforms have all become powerful …

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A Mayor for Manchester

The election for a mayor for Manchester has come and gone. The polling stations have been closed and the votes counted. Posters and signs have been taken down and life continues. But what does Andy Burnham becoming mayor really mean for the city? Our new mayor has pledged to tackle homelessness and provide affordable housing but what about the local economy? One of the …

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Happiness In The Workplace

Work is a big part of most of our lives. It is a place we drive business, make a difference and hopefully form positive relationships with our colleagues. But how happy are we in the workplace? A new survey carried out by Wildgoose has tried to find out. The company surveyed employees at 120 businesses across the UK and the findings are very interesting. …

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Licence to Chill

If there is one thing that most Mancunians have in common; it’s that they know how to have a good time. It is no coincidence that probably the most iconic nightclub to ever open its doors in the UK was here in Manchester. But just because the Hacienda is now an apartment block doesn’t mean Manchester nightlife has lost its cutting edge. The trendy …

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