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What Makes a Good Business Transfer Agent?

Posted by Trinder on March 22, 2023

Every business is different. They all have different philosophies, goals and aims. But what makes a good Business Transfer Agent? After all it is this sector that businesses turn to when they have decided the time has come to put their business on the market.

Firstly a good Business Transfer Agent is transparent. They will have a clear fee structure with no hidden costs. This pricing should also be explained before any contract is signed and the business owner that is looking to go on the market should feel comfortable and informed that they have all the information they need.

Another important point is that a good Business Transfer Agent should in implementing their marketing strategy understand every business is different. This is reflected in the fact that the transfer agent can offer a bespoke marketing package that suits their client’s specific goals. This marketing strategy should also be adept at emphasising the businesses strengths and of course its future potential.

The next aspect a business owner really needs to consider before going on the market is does their transfer agent of choice have that all important quality. Experience. Experience in selling businesses from a range of sectors will make the difference when the time has come to get the absolute maximum value for the business. A good Business Transfer Agent will understand that this goal reflects all the hard work a business owner has put in to building their business.

Lastly a good Business Transfer Agent always makes sure they put the client first. This is reflected in a number of ways, firstly does the transfer agent provide excellent customer service, making sure they are on hand to reassure and advise whether they are needed. Also does the company understand this is a stressful time for their clients and make sure they go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and informed every step of the way.

If the answer to these questions is yes then you have the definition of a good Business Transfer Agent. You have also just described Sovereign Business Transfer; known in the industry for excellent customer service, complete transparency, and having the primary aim of getting the absolute maximum value for your business. Thinking of putting your business on the market? Then get in touch, because at Sovereign we always put the client first.

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