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Innovation in Selling Businesses

Posted by Matt Trinder on June 9, 2019

More and more companies are turning to communication training to encourage creativity and innovation in business. Some leading businesses are even using dramatic techniques such as improvisation and play usually reserved for a theatrical setting to see if it can develop innovation and productivity in a business setting. But could we all take note of what goes on in a rehearsal room to help us become better communicators and problem solvers?
I think it depends on a number of factors; one of the most fundamental being trust. It is often said great directors get the best out of their actors because they trust them to be there when things get difficult, to support them during that harrowing scene or tricky monologue.
This I believe can be applied to business, because when you trust your supervisor or manager or your managing director, you will most likely be much more willing to share your views on driving the business forward or taking that next step to grow the company because even if they don’t agree with every idea you have; they fundamentally understand you have bought into the company ethos and want to see it grow not just as a business but creatively as well, because the more creatively a business thinks the more chance innovative ideas will bubble to the surface.
Here at Sovereign we always give our clients the right exposure and marketing strategy to sell their business effectively. Whether it is a coffee shop or a convenience store, a florist or a deli, we always keep communication and creative thinking at the very forefront of what we do, which is what helps make Sovereign the right choice when it comes to selling your business.

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