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Living the Dream: Selling Businesses

Posted by Matt Trinder on July 24, 2019

New research has showed that the amount of money people make may not be the be all and end all to having the perfect job. Research by recruitment specialist Robert Half UK have found that being happy, having an interesting job and having friends at work is important as well. This may not be that surprising because a lot of people spend more time with their work colleagues than they do with their friends and families.
But in this modern ever changing technological driven world we may find that having multiple skills is also becoming more important than ever before. The workplace has changed rapidly ever since the advent of the internet, first it was email that revolutionised the way we communicated in the workplace, replacing memos and decreasing the amount of time we spent on the telephone.
Now we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to interacting in our working lives, from social media to Skype and Facetime, a modern tablet or laptop is more than capable of acting as a de facto workplace if our jobs require us to be out and about rather than working from an office. This way of working has meant it is now easier to work from home or even on the move, if your skill set requires you to be a variety of different places.
But do all these advancements mean you are happier in your chosen career or are we being overwhelmed by all these different types of communication? Here at Sovereign we believe that any improvements in our client’s experience with us is a very good thing. We can now be available to them in a number of different ways and whether you are looking to sell your coffee shop, dry cleaners or hair salon we can help, because to live the dream sometimes you need a helping hand, which Sovereign the UK’s fastest growing business transfer agency is always willing to provide.

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