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Licence to Chill

Posted by Matt Trinder on April 21, 2017

If there is one thing that most Mancunians have in common; it’s that they know how to have a good time. It is no coincidence that probably the most iconic nightclub to ever open its doors in the UK was here in Manchester. But just because the Hacienda is now an apartment block doesn’t mean Manchester nightlife has lost its cutting edge.
The trendy enclave of the Northern Quarter is testament to that, with chic bars and clubs nestled among exotic independent eateries and shops selling everything from music to vintage clothing. This is a city that in recent years has become a byword for entrepreneurship, nightlife, and pushing boundaries.
You only need to take a walk through the centre to see all the development and construction as further evidence that this is a city that is still very much evolving and has shaken off its post industrial gloom and embraced the sophisticated cafe culture of its European neighbours.
Not to mention produced more than its fair share of cultural icons, including the frontman of the iconic band the Stone Roses, Ian Brown, who it’s rumoured said when asked about his hometown that the only thing it was missing was a beach.
Here at Sovereign we may not be able to quite fulfil that criteria but we do have a chain of ultra hip bars across the Manchester area for sale that boasts both a healthy turnover and bags of urban cool, which means they are full of savvy revellers who know how to have a good time. A licence to chill, perhaps? But of course who needs a licence when you’ve got Manchester? Even without a beach.

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