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Cappuccino Dreams

Posted by Matt Trinder on April 12, 2017

Many of us have while getting through the nine to five grind thought about starting our own business. Maybe the reason you haven’t took the plunge at being your own boss is because you have considered risk versus reward. Of course going out on your own is a risk, especially if you have a stable position with various aspects of security and benefits. But there is also the reward aspect. For a start you work your own hours and any profit you make is not going to a shareholder or a board of directors but straight in your pocket.
Still interested, well have you thought of owning a coffee shop? With relatively little investment in relation to other businesses you could make that thought a reality, as in today’s high street it is rare not to see at least one independent coffee shop occupying a place among other eateries and large chains. Also with dedication and the right marketing you could develop your business into a bistro or evening cafe bar. Who knows, maybe if you create a unique atmosphere and ambience or perhaps offer alternative drinks like milkshakes or smoothies it could even develop a reputation as a place to have that important meeting or simply a good spot to chill out with friends.
At the moment Sovereign have wonderful independent coffee shops for sale in the fashionable suburb of Didsbury, as well as others all across the North West. Sound tempting? If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to get in touch and turn your cappuccino dreams into a reality.

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