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Happiness In The Workplace

Posted by Matt Trinder on June 5, 2017

Work is a big part of most of our lives. It is a place we drive business, make a difference and hopefully form positive relationships with our colleagues. But how happy are we in the workplace? A new survey carried out by Wildgoose has tried to find out. The company surveyed employees at 120 businesses across the UK and the findings are very interesting.
Wildgoose found ‘more than six in ten workers value happiness over salary, indicating that the office environment plays a role in not only attracting talent but retaining the best employees too.’
This is definitely an ethos we support at Sovereign. We believe by making the workplace a fun and vibrant environment as well as giving our clients the best possible service, this helps us stay at the cutting edge of the Business Transfer Industry and this is reflected in the fact we have a proven track record of selling all types of businesses.
So whether you are looking to buy or sell don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are adding to our portfolio all the time and to see a diverse range of businesses for sale check out our website. It could be the first step in achieving your goals and having your own fun and vibrant workplace.

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