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A Mayor for Manchester

Posted by Matt Trinder on June 8, 2017

The election for a mayor for Manchester has come and gone. The polling stations have been closed and the votes counted. Posters and signs have been taken down and life continues. But what does Andy Burnham becoming mayor really mean for the city? Our new mayor has pledged to tackle homelessness and provide affordable housing but what about the local economy?
One of the aims outlined in his manifesto is to make Manchester a leading digital city. The digital industry in the Greater Manchester region accounts for 55,000 jobs and generates over £3 billion per annum. The mayor plans to make sure that local people have the skills in place to keep this industry growing. He will do this by working with businesses, schools and colleges to raise awareness of the range of opportunities available in digital careers.
This all sounds positive for a city that is fast developing into the economic hub of the North, and if new plans for improved infrastructure for the city come to pass, the future under Burnham’s stewardship looks very bright indeed. But you don’t need to tell us that here at Sovereign. We are experiencing a buoyant market in the world of business transfer and even have a number of digital enterprises as part of our portfolio. Including an online Bridal Accessories business which with the current trend for smaller bespoke wedding is a real opportunity. We also have a fantastic news and entertainment website which even with all the information we now have at the touch of a screen or click of a mouse really stands out from the crowd.
Sound interesting? Then check out our website for more information, you could find just what you’ve been looking for.

**Official Department of Health photo of Andy Burnham MP as Secretary of State for Health**

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