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Top Ten Home Business Start Up’s

Posted by Matt Trinder on December 11, 2015
  1. Courier Business; easy and cheap to start up providing you have some form of transportation to use, a car being the most efficient.  However if you want to work in city centres a bicycle may be favourable.  The hardest part of any start up will be getting your first few customers so be prepared to pitch slightly lower in order to get the business moving and remember, time management is essential for this line of work.
  2. Catering; this can be done from home and with very little outlay; by placing an advertisement in the local newspaper or approaching local office blocks, hotels and businesses.  If you have the skills for it you could even provide custom designed cakes for birthdays, weddings etc.
  3. Removals Business; if you have a large van or the cash to buy one this is a great way of earning extra cash at the weekends and requires no further outlay.
  4. Cleaning Business; no premises would be needed for this business but a keen eye for detail and an outstanding pride of work needs to be second to none in this line of business.
  5. Personal Trainer; being a personal trainer can be a very lucrative and there’s never been a better time to get into this growing industry.  You will need a training course/diploma under your belt to practice alongside impressive interpersonal skills, to succeed in this demanding role.
  6. Events Organiser; if you are particularly organised and have an eye for detail, an event planning business might be for you.  You will need some training but with many courses found on-line at a competitive price, you can become fully certified giving your business more credibility then all you need are some contacts, so start by online advertising through social media and contacting local hotels, restaurants etc.
  7. Laundry & Ironing Service; an easily run business, providing a service to both private clients for everyday clothing or businesses for aprons, overalls and tablecloths.  This could all be done at home with your domestic cleaning equipment, providing you have the space to keep items clean and safe.
  8. Online/E-Commerce; whether you sell old clothes on eBay or provide a blogging and social media service for a company.  This is an ideal at home business idea with very little capital needed, just a laptop/PC. Knowledge of media and/or digital marketing is essential to ensure you generate a positive return.
  9. Childminding; an exciting business start up, training and qualifications will be needed and you also must have a CRB check.  You can do this from your own home easily providing you have the room and of course its child friendly.
  10. Handyman; A perfect business if you like to be hands on, obviously basic tools will be needed to start with and you can always hire any equipment you may not already have.

With all of the above businesses it important to research to know exactly what is required of you legally and to advertise in the right places for the right audience. With any business a few basics are required, you will need to have business cards and/or flyers to promote your service, you will need to set up a website, see our article does my small business need a website?

You will also need to register for TAX, have a great website and more information on setting up a business

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