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To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Posted by Matt Trinder on February 7, 2017

To Tweet or not to Tweet?
Many people say the north is friendly than the south. In the north you can strike up a conversation anywhere, the bus stop for example. But if you tried the same thing on the tube you would probably be met with a blank stare. Whether this is true or simply a myth. Does it extend to social media?
What is the different between a tweet that gets ignored to one that gets retweeted? For in the world of cyber space there is no north south divide. There is only information. But in this new digital age, we are bombarded by information on an almost second by second basis. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to name but a few. But are we taking it in? Or is it falling by the wayside.
Here at Sovereign we believe that the customer is a valuable and essential part of our business. That is why when it comes to our social media content is key. We don’t do automated tweets. Nor do we constantly bombard our online users with information. But we are consistent. We keep our friends and followers up to date on our latest developments, be it a new business that’s just come on the market, or new strategy we are undertaking. The reason for this is simple. We do not make promises we can’t keep, nor predict false dawns.
In that respect our online presence is very much like our philosophy. We are simply the most consistent and reliable Business Transfer Agency in the north west, and if you sell your business with us; well, like the bus stop analogy I mentioned earlier, you will not be met with a blank stare. Just an expert and trustworthy service, which like our tweets, you can rely on, time after time.

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