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Manchester makes Europe’s top twenty for Digital Innovation

Posted by Matt Trinder on January 23, 2017

The writer Maurice Proctor once proclaimed in his Manchester set novel ‘Hell Is a City.’ Foreboding soot covered streets, shady characters lurking in the darkness. But time, if it does nothing else, changes landscapes, especially urban ones.
The Manchester of that noir thriller is long gone, and now a new phoenix like one has emerged from the flames. Manchester is now a digital city, with the thriving MediaCityUK on Salford quays as the jewel in its crown.
These developments have not gone unnoticed, Manchester is now ranked 16 out of 60 places for the best cities to have a digital company or start up according to a report compiled by the UK Innovation Foundation. London, Stockholm and Amsterdam clinched the three top spots.
It may be true that Manchester doesn’t have Amsterdam’s transport hubs, or London’s square mile but it does have chic areas like the Northern Quarter that attracts digital professionals to live there, not to mention two powerhouses of English football to follow at the weekend. The digital urban landscape of the city centre also gently evolves into the villages and countryside of Cheshire and Lancashire. Giving the workforce behind these innovations a place to relax and enjoy a gentler pace of life.
At Sovereign we have a number of lifestyle businesses in and around these areas. From cafes to bistros, local village convenience stores to tearooms and sandwich bars, all in a wide variety of locations, ranging from the city centre to the fashionable suburbs, all the way out to the peaceful countryside.
But don’t just take my word for it; check out our website, or follow our online platforms. You might find just what you’ve been searching for.



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