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Technology Investment to Boost Manchester Business

Posted by Matt Trinder on December 6, 2016

Manchester’s aim to become the centre of the Northern Powerhouse concept has been dealt a large boost with a group of high level entrepreneurs in the city getting together to form the Manchester Tech Trust. The aim of the trust is to help businesses in the city gain access to funding. This will be done by linking them up with investors interested in start up companies within the region.
Digital industries account for nearly 50,000 jobs in the Greater Manchester area and generate 2bn a year in economic output. This is an industry on the rise with experts predicting that digital industries in Greater Manchester will grow by 72% by the year 2025.
Despite this, and the Northern Powerhouse concept starting to form, there have been reports of graduates from Manchester relocating to London to compete for the best jobs, many of which are in the digital sector. But with this boost to the local economy this may be less of an issue than reports have suggested. Manchester has every right to be regarded as an economic hub of the North West. This is reflected in the many successful businesses, not just in the digital industry but right across a variety of economic sectors.
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