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Why Switch Your Current Account?

Posted by Matt Trinder on April 26, 2016

As a nation more and more of us are looking into ways to save £££’s whether it be switching our supermarket or energy provider, we are all looking at quick wins to keep hold of our hard earned cash. That’s why March saw the biggest hike in current account users migrating to another bank, with over 124,000 moving to get a better deal and better service. On average people are saving £70 a year by making the move, along with other perks being offered such as free travel insurance. As it stands Santander seems to be where the majority of ‘switchees’ are heading with their 123 account offering monthly cash back on household bills and 3% interest. Nationwide have also seen a rapid gain in customers with offers of up to 5% interest and no monthly fees.
It’s so easy, the new bank will arrange everything for you and the process should only take 7 days to complete. To check if you would be better off making the move see the following websites for information on what the banks are currently offering.

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