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UK Business Growing

Posted by Matt Trinder on October 26, 2016

Business activity rose across all regions in England according to the latest Regional PMI survey by Lloyds Bank. There was also an increase in employment in September across both England and Wales.  We are no doubt in unchartered waters across the UK business wise, as the recent EU referendum leaves us in a position of going into the unknown. But despite the current weak Sterling which may contribute to business costs, the economy seems to be holding firm.
The recent referendum may have on the surface seemed like a vote to look inwards but this is not necessarily a negative and may even be a positive.  Could it even have a resurrection effect on our coastal holiday area economies?  At Sovereign we have apartment blocks for sale in Blackpool.  A coastal holiday location with a glorious history.  Now could be the time for these businesses to shine as people due to the current weakened Sterling may look to spend their holidays closer to home.  But it could also be an incentive for people to take that weekend break in other areas of the North West.
For there are many hidden gems in Lancashire that have wonderful rural locations, and we are seeing many of the eateries and public houses we have for sale in these areas, busy with families, couples and the retired; looking to enjoy themselves without the hassle of travelling abroad.
But don’t just take our word for it. If you are looking to buy or sell, get in touch, we can provide guidance on either service, because at Sovereign we’re here to make sure you get the business and the expert help you deserve.


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