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The Digital Revolution

Posted by Matt Trinder on August 1, 2016

Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Smartphones, the internet social media is taking businesses in new and exciting directions. But are UK businesses doing enough to stay on the crest of this wave?

The answer on the surface is that the UK has embraced these new technologies and they are making companies work faster and more efficiently. But how do our technical skills compare with the rest of the world? According to research by Barclays more than 37% of workers in India would be comfortable building a website compared to just 16% in the UK.

But are digital skills really at the forefront of a revolution in how businesses connect with each other? Websites aside, platforms like Twitter and Facebook have given small to medium sized businesses the chance to connect with thousands of potential customers at the click of a mouse.

But as the current UK workforce gets to grips with new and faster content on ever expanding digital platforms, the question still remains whether companies are doing enough to make sure their workers can maximise the huge potential that these new technologies offer.

The answer is training. A digitally adept workforce will produce more coherent results and therefore grow the reputations of the companies they work for. But this is no quick fix solution. Training takes time and investment. But if the UK is to ride the crest of this digital wave and not get washed up on the shores of the ever expanding super highway, they need to see the upskilling of their workforce as a priority, only then will UK businesses be able to compete in a constantly evolving global market.

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