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Retail – Clothes Shops – A Guide

Posted by Trinder on February 22, 2023

Here at Sovereign we sell a wide range of SME Businesses from a whole variety of sectors. One of these sectors is the retail market and a specific area of this is clothes shops.

But what if you have a clothes shop that you are considering putting on the market? Well, if you are here are some things to consider.

Firstly, what is the location of your business? For example, is it in an arcade or emporium. If this is the case, is it surrounded by other independent outlets like coffee shops or specialist retailers that will bring a good level of passing trade.

This is important because if you are in a high footfall location it is more likely the casual browser will come in your business and hopefully see something they are interested in purchasing; making the business all the more attractive to a potential buyer.

Secondly, what type of customer does your business cater to? Do you sell vintage clothes, or high-end designer goods? This is important because a interested party may well already have a clothes shop and are looking to expand and chances are they will be looking for a similar type of business to do this with.

Do you sell men’s clothes or women’s? If so, is it a specialist type of business; like dresses for special occasions like graduations or other important events. Or do you sell men’s suits for a similar purpose like that first job interview or other formal occasion.

Also, other fundamentals to consider are is there storage facilities for the stock with the business? Do you also sell accessories like hats or jewellery? Is there ample parking? If not is there scope to implement this?

Lastly what is your Unique Selling Point? Does your business have a vision? Perhaps your clothing is more than just clothes to wear but a lifestyle choice. Or maybe the customer you are trying to attract is looking for something special that they know is making a statement about who they are.

With that being said have a look at our website and see what clothes shops we have to offer. This may help you make that all important decision to put your business on the market. If this is the case then get in touch because at Sovereign we always put our clients first.

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