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Posted by Matt Trinder on September 25, 2017

Most cities have at least one football team; there are even ones with quite a number. But at this moment in time Manchester has not one but two that are flying high in the premier league and doing it in quite a style. But whatever team in this vibrant metropolis you nail your flag to, one thing is clear, having two premier league powerhouses on home turf is very good for the city, and here’s why.
Firstly the premier league is watched by millions worldwide, and is regarded as one of the most fast and exciting leagues on the planet. Both teams have fan bases in places as far flung as Australia and many parts of South Asia. City even have sister clubs in New York and Spain. This means that fans will come from all across the world to see their favourite team play. Football at the highest level is no longer about just attending a match, it’s a full on experience. The stadiums are no longer just a place to watch the game, they often have places to eat, to stay and put on lavish half time entertainment.
This is all very good for the local economy; more fans from a variety of places means more money being spent in all types of businesses, including cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars. Especially in the city centre with both grounds being a short journey from there by bus or tram. Here at Sovereign we have a number of businesses for sale in Manchester city centre from sandwich bars and restaurants to takeaways just in case you are looking to grab something on the way to the big game. If you want to see more have a look at our website because whatever team you support we are always on the ball.

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