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Its ‘On Yer Bike’ For Lengthy & Costly Commutes

Posted by Matt Trinder on January 19, 2016

With the cost of rail travel rising by 1.1% at the start of 2016 and the average car commuter purchasing £130 a month in fuel it’s not surprising that a large proportion of us are looking into different ways to take our journey to work.
Not only is the cost getting higher the amount of time we spend commuting (average 70 min’s) is contributing to our desire to find alternative trips.

So what ways can you cut the cost of commuting?

Car sharing is becoming more and more popular with many benefits, the obvious one being the shared cost towards fuel and parking.  Additionally from a security point of view it’s safer to walk to and from you car in pairs/groups especially in the winter.  Car sharing can either be done amongst friend or colleagues or you can register with various sites online to become a car sharer or look for a lift. Click to register with Blah Blah Car for FREE.
Around 11% of people opt for walking to work, by far the cheapest option if of course you live within walking distance.  Of the walking commuters the normal is a 20-30 minute trek but takes out the stress of traffic sitting and space finding and according to research is great for your wellbeing.
Taking Britain by storm though is cycling to work; according to an article by the telegraph commuting by bike has risen by 17% in the last ten years and it’s clear to see why, no traffic jams, no desperate dash to the filling station when the red light comes on and a great option for fitness.  Furthermore a scheme backed by the government means you could save while you cycle!  Employers can join the scheme for free and the cost of the hire comes straight from your salary, you even have the option to transfer ownership at the end- just like leasing a car.  By using the scheme you can save around 30% from the ticket price of a new bike as well as savings on accessories and servicing.

See for more information on the scheme.

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