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Investors Backing UK Business

Posted by Matt Trinder on September 21, 2016

It’s been an interesting year, so far. Brexit, the falling pound, fluctuating markets. Events that spell bad news for the UK economy? Right? Not necessarily. A study by IW Capital and Crowdfinders have found that there is considerable investor confidence in small and medium sized UK businesses.

A resounding 52 per cent of private investors surveyed said they would continue to support small to medium sized enterprises in the aftermath of Britain’s decision to leave the EU. This equates to 12.9 million investors across the country.

This is good news for our industry, of which, of course buying and selling is the lifeblood. Here at Sovereign we are seeing strong markets in both the acquisition and sale of a wide range of businesses, with investor confidence on our side this can only continue.

There are those of course that predict there will be an economic downturn when the full effects of the significant changes this country is currently undergoing are fully felt. But whether you own a cafe, or a chain of drycleaners with support from your customer base, and the backing of over half of current UK investors, and of course the expertise of Sovereign; the North West’s premier Business Transfer Agency, the future is in your own hands, and life like business will go on.

Therefore hold your courage and believe in the strength of your local economy, we do, and our robust qualities are a reflection of the tenacity of the UK as a whole, put simply whatever hurdles you face, if you are with Sovereign, you are never alone.

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