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BBC Reports E-Cigarettes Could Be Prescribed By NHS

Posted by Matt Trinder on August 19, 2015

BBC Reports E-Cigarettes May Be Prescribed By NHS

It has been reported today that E-cigarettes may be prescribed by the NHS in order to help smokers quit, research shows that E-Cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco and could reduce the amount of smoking related death’s (in the UK) from a staggering 80,000 to less than 4,000 a year. E-cigarettes are increasingly popular and are now used by 2.6 million adults in Britain.
Hugh Pym, The BBC’s health editor reports “in England in 2013-14, there were nearly 1.8 million prescription items to help patients stop smoking. More than half were for Nicotine Replacement Therapy, including patches, gum and sprays. The cost to the NHS in that year was just under £49m, down on the figure three years earlier. If approved, e-cigarettes would add to that total, with the kit costing £20 or more and replacement fluid about £10-a-week for the average smoker trying to kick the habit. Health campaigners will argue that the cost is justified by long-term savings on the treatment of smoking related diseases.”

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