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A Nation of Entrepreneurs

Posted by Matt Trinder on March 8, 2017

Britain is an island race with a strong entrepreneurial streak. From George Stephenson who gave us the railways which changed the face of Victorian society, to modern day innovators like Richard Branson who allowed us to watch sport and cinema from the comfort of our own homes.
They may have been born more than a century apart but they both had the drive and determination to change society through business innovation. But has the rich history of the British entrepreneur had its day?
Not according to Idinvest Partners which runs an annual study into the UK’s attitude towards entrepreneurship. They have found despite concerns that Brexit might damage the UK’s position as one of Europe’s leading business hubs, 44 per cent of the UK population still consider it the best country to start a business.
The CEO at Idinvest Partners Christopher Baviere said ‘these findings clearly demonstrate the strong entrepreneurial drive at the heart of the nation and the belief that the UK continues to provide a supportive social and economic environment to foster this talent – a view that we continue to support.’
These words are backed up by Sovereign’s own entrepreneurial spirit. Our managing director Matthew Trinder has a very clear vision; to give business owners a quality and expert service when they sell their business. His experience and the dedication of his team has made Sovereign the leading business transfer agency in the North West, and just like other business innovators that drive is reflected in the service we offer today, tomorrow and for the future to come.

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