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What is a Business Transfer Agent?

What is a Business Transfer Agent

What is a Business Transfer Agent? The simple definition is it’s a commercial estate agent. A company that broker’s and facilitates the sale of a business. That’s the simple definition. The reality is it helps people move on, it helps people develop and achieve their goals.

That is what a good Business Transfer Agent should do. Be there for a client when they are looking to make a change, whether it is a blue chip company or a family run corner shop. Support them with their expertise and experience, and provide this service with the vision to sell your business for its maximum value.

But selling a going concern can often be a complex process. This is why it is always important to make sure that the contract you undertake with your Business Transfer Agent is as transparent as possible. A good agent will always be upfront about what they charge and when and be clear just exactly what they plan to do to sell your business in the most concise time frame possible.

Another valid point is look for an agent that has experience in selling in your business sector. Successful sales of relevant businesses are good place to start. This will tell you that the broker has produced results in the past and therefore is likely to replicate this in the future.

Lastly and this may seem like a minor point but it is a very important one. If you are happy with the fees and the contract and the marketing strategy and are ready to sell your business, make sure it is with a company that employs people that are not only focused but easy to get along with because you will more than likely be communicating with them on a regular basis until your business is sold.

Once you have evaluated this criteria you are ready to use a Business Transfer Agent and sell your business with confidence, because a good Business Transfer Agent is always on your side.